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This non-official wiki is for information about the XunLei game Final Combat and it's similarities to other products.

Please add pages concerning Final Combat and upload images of the game with comparisons to their source material.

Feel free to use information and images from this wiki to create character skins for other 3D action FPS games like Final Combat.

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Copyright Controversy and Wiki Vandalism

The (non-troll) maintainers of this wiki are well aware of Final Combat's a Rip-Off to Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield Heroes, but are adding factual information to it nonetheless not because we are affiliated with XunLei in any way, but because keeping track of this game's development is a point of interest to us. You can support the games that Final Combat are alleged to have plagiarized from by 1) not spending any money on Final Combat (trivially easy considering it's not even playable outside of Asia) and 2) giving money to Valve or EA. Please stop wasting your time and ours with wiki vandalism.

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