The Fatman is a class in Final Combat. He has heavy weapons and is so far the biggest character in the game, but is the slowest class in the game. He is also named as "Gunner" in Final Combat PH.
Fatman red

Fatman (Red)

Fatman blue

Fatman (Blue)

Fatman default loadout

The Fatman's default gear.


Minigun: The Fatman's default minigun It deals a good amount of damage and has an extremely rapid rate of fire, but has low accuracy. Variations include a tweaked but more accurate one. It is currently made to look like a dinosaur and has some gears on the top of it.

Scattergun : This has the similar damage as the shotguns used by The Firebat and The Rocket, but its faster.

Kukri: The Fatman's default melee weapon. Appears to be a fish knife that he apparently took out from his fish stand.

"Kindle Soul Andrew": The Fatman's default costume.


The (default) Fatman is a fishmonger. He appears to listen to music when selling his fish. His minigun is shown behind him. It could mean that his hobby is battling.

The current Blue Fatman is a African American underground kickboxer.

Alternate Skins

  • Former Fish Butcher (original)
  • Anti-Riot Police
  • Wrestling or Boxing Champ (he's dressed as a boxer, but the official website calls him a wrestler)
  • Chubby
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Boxer
  • Dragon Knight
  • Mechanized Exoskeleton Cosplayer
  • Underground Boxer
  • Red Baron
  • Killer Gorilla