The Striker is the jack-of-all-trades of Final Combat.  He has the most weapons out of all the classes, and can play multiple roles: taking the initiative to assault at close-range, offering mid-range area denial and/or support fire, and even occasionally making the long-range kill.


Primary: Originally it was a black M16 with a star on it. It is now a machine gun that resembles a AUG. It has a scope on it and fires rapidly. It is skinned to look like a blue monster.

Secondary: A handgun that is quite similar to the one in CSGO.

Melee: A large camouflaged knife.

Fourth: A grenade that has a short fuse, lots of damage and replenishes over time.

Alternate Skins

As of the most recent update, the Striker has the following alternate versions:

  • French Special Forces (default)
  • Paratrooper
  • Navy Seal
  • Traceur
  • Gentleman Thief
  • Air Show Captain
  • Vampire
  • Bruce Lee Fanboy
  • Extreme Sports Enthusiast
  • Devil Armor